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Diu Life In Diu

Diu Life In Diu

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www.diutourism.com is the first dedicated website about tourism and hotels in Diu, launched by Param Web Solutions. Diu is very popular tourist place of Gujarat. This site contains very useful information about tourist and busines places, accomodation,restaurants, famous temples, travel agents, special events and social life in Diu.
Being one of the popular tourist and business places in Gujarat many national and international travellers visit Diu frequently. Besides people visiting any nearby cities tourist attractions, pilgrimage places prefer to halt in Diu.  This site is resourceful for online users to find various accomodation and travel related information. Since, this site is designed in a unique way and has been optimized to rank high in major search engines for Diu related search, The traffic on this site is getting exponential growth.

Clothing & Languages
The tourist season spans September to May. Recommended clothing are cottons in summer, light woolens in winter. The languages spoken in Diu include Gujarati, English, Hindi, and Portuguese. Local transport is available from Una (Gujarat). Tourist destinations include the nearby Nagoa beach. An exciting past time is the boat ride to a light house, in the middle of the sea. There is also a very ancient Lord Shiva's Temple located on the "Gangeswar" coast. Old Diu has some very interesting architecture that can be seen from the island's streets. This includes the old fort, the church, and the museum, which all have a strong Portuguese feel.

Honeymoon in Diu
Diu Island Honeymoon would be a memorable one for the newly wed couple. The secluded island at the southern most end of Gujarat is an ideal destination for the newly weds since it offers the perfect atmosphere for a romantic holiday. The sun soaked beaches, the rolling sea water along with the hospitality provided by the hotels in Diu Island forms a wonderful honeymoon destination. Simply strolling along the beach with one’s spouse, hand in hand and sharing those lovely romantic moments would be an experience of lifetime for the couples.

Diu a former Portuguese enclave, and now a Union Territory, is steeped in history. It was a seaport and naval base of considerable strategic importance from the 14th to 16th Centuries. It was also a vital trade link with the rest of India for traders overseas. Diu was under the sway of Chanda and Vaghela dynasties till the 14th Century. The Muslim rulers ruled over the island town till 1380 AD. Then came the mighty wave of invasion of the foreign rule that lasted well nigh upto 450 years.Some of the major tourist attractions in Diu are:

  • Diu Fort
  • Gangeshwar Temple
  • Nagoa Beach
  • Ghoghla Beach
  • Panikotha
  • Hoka Tree
  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi

General Information:
Area: 38.8 Sq. Kms., Climate: Cool and Dry, Rainfall: 70 cm
Tourist Season: September to July
Clothing recommended: Cotton in summer, Light Woolen in winter
Languages Spoken: Gujarati, English, Hindi, Portuguese
STD Code: 02875